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It started as a crazy idea (at the time) and plenty of wines . . .

Dancing Kangaroo Tours is a local boutique and family-owned operator of epic food & wine tasting tours  within Melbourne and beautiful wine regions such as Yarra Valley, Mornington, Macedon, Bellarine and more to come. 

We were founded by Sean (sometimes known as Seannyyy), our eccentric and bubbly leader, in the springtime of 2015. What led to such a crazy idea? Well as the story goes, Sean fell in love with food and drinking tours whilst on holiday. He realised how fun they were and questioned why they weren’t so popular back home in Australia. So after developing this burning desire, he grabbed a bunch of his mates and went on epicurean yet boozy adventures of the lovely city of Melbourne and beyond into the countryside. Then one night after returning from the wineries with rosy cheeks, a mate said “our weekends have been epic lately and the wines are amazing out there… if only you can show more of our friends around too Seannyyy!”. And that was the moment, like a seed, it planted this cool yet crazy idea into his mind, “how about I host some wicked winery tours on the weekends?”. Bam! Dancing Kangaroo Tours was born. 

   Over the years, our roots have grown deeper and like fine aged wine we’re crafting (that’s right) some amazing experiences. We’re not a bunch of tired tour guides or uber drivers, instead we’re passionate and lovely hosts. So if you’re looking for a good time, delicious wines and a bloody amazing tour, you’ve found us and we thank deeply for this. Sweet, come join us on a day out and let us delight you. 

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