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It started with winery day trips from Melbourne

Dancing Kangaroo Tours is a local boutique tour operator of epic wine tasting day trips from Melbourne. We were founded in the summer of 2016 by our eccentric founder, Sean, who fell in love with food and drink tours whilst on holiday. Although the idea of running tours was fantastical, there was always a burning desire to give it a shot. So, after an eventful session with friends involving a few cheeky drinks, a conclusion was made: ah wine not! Ever since we aspire to host only Melbourne’s finest food and drink tours. Come join us on a day out and let us delight you. 

Our goal is to be the best local tour operator of day trips from Melbourne

We believe that the best tours offer good vibes matched with a sense of personal touch. This is our motivation for every trip because achieving this means you’re having a great time and we like that. Our day trips have been curated to combine exciting information, personal story telling and an entertaining host. This is complimentary to the cocktail of tasting opportunities you’ll experience which will amount to an awesome day out.

Thanks to our guests, since May 2018, we have reached the #1 position on TripAdvisor’s Food & Drink category. We’ve received 700+ 5 stars reviews across multiple platforms like Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor. This has fueled our hope to become the best local tour operator in Melbourne offering a diverse range of delectable experiences.

Logos of our TripAdvisor 2017 & 2018 Certificate of Excellence

We’ve created the greatest Melbourne wine tours

We’re passionate about food and wine tours to Victoria’s beautiful countryside. After all, this is where all the top restaurants and best eateries source their ingredients. Sticking to this fun theme of food and drinks, we’ve applied extensive research via copious amounts of wine, beer, gin, cheese and food tastings to get a better appreciation of our tours. There was one region in particular that we grew fond of and that became our #1 rated (a must do) Epic Yarra Valley Wine Tour.

If you’re thinking of day trips from Melbourne and haven’t the clue where to start, then consider Yarra Valley. It’s a cool-climate region with fertile plains and scenic rolling hills. Be prepared to immerse yourself in the most beautiful place in Victoria. Then spoil yourself with local crafts like wines and cheeses. Before you know it, you’ll be dancing to the rhythm of ‘la dolce vita’.  


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